About Writing

Posted on by Aaron Hughes

About Writing

I get anxious even thinking about writing about this

A feeling

My heart

Not broken

Scared, wanting, hide, you can, I can

Feel my heart roll away to hide

Where is my beer?

Iraq and Memories

Sandbox and green army-men

Look how big this fucking handwriting is

I remember writing small in my truck in the heat


I remember Kuwait cold hot dirt sun salt sweat

Never at rest at home

I remember wanting home wanting peace wanting to be a hero

I remember playing hero

I remember roads with no maps

I remember never knowing were I was, were to go, constantly lost

What city is this?

What camp is this?

What day is this? What week? What year?

I am lost

I remember I am lost of my thought of my self of my love of my understanding

I remember popping the safety off

I remember staring

I remember a smile a rifle

I remember oil broke steam Humvee

I remember laughing MPs and 50cal

And I remember switching to fire and wanting to fire

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