Never The Same


Never the Same is organized by Daniel Tucker and Rebecca Zorach. The project documents Chicago’s rich art history and develops a language for discussing the impact of socially and politically engaged art practices that integrates consideration of external with internal transformation and effects. 

Daniel interview me in 2011 for the project. Read the full interview here:

Never The Same was launched in the Fall of 2010 with a roundtable discussion about archiving Chicago art held at the Experimental Station. The next Fall of 2011 with 10 interviews posted online at The first round of interviews included Kelan Phil CohranJorge FelixEmily Forman and Josh MacPheeDara GreenwaldAaron HughesJae and Wadsworth JarrellMary Jane JacobLadyfest MidwestPatric McCoy, and Christina Obregón and Jose David (Calles Y Suenos). And then in the Fall of 2012, interviews with 10 new Chicago artists and organizers were posted, along with the city-wide interview project 5 Questions About Socially Engaged Art in Chicago and updated resource listings. The second round of interviews included Barbara Jones Hogu, Estelle CarolJoanna Brown and Mark Freitas (Homocore Chicago), Laura ShaefferNicole GarneauPemon RamiPenelope Rosemont Salome ChasnoffTerri Kapsalis, and Turtel Onli. This site will also house a significant amount of archived materials and ephemera collected from Chicago’s social and political art communities.

For more information about Never The Same website: