Coming Home

Posted on by Aaron Hughes

I bought a car.  A 68 Mustang…  were do I go? Were do I go?  Who do I talk to?  I don’t know who I should be, talk to, be with, sleep with.  I can’t sit at home.  I can’t be alone.  Family at work, friends at school, life was gone a year ago.  Who do I talk to?

Drive… alone I’ll drive anywhere, go anywhere  Just show me, tell me were I belong  Drive… dark, lights, radio load loader  I’m lost.  Where do I go, who do I talk to?  Pull over High school  My high school four five years gone.  My high school with the phone by the gym that I would call for rides home.  I would wait at these doors for my mother to come.  High school dark alone car engine on  Humming. 



Hey man, where you at?

Should I come over there?

I know its… I know its late.

Can I come over there?


Dude, I don’t know were to go… who to call.

I haven’t seen you.

I can drive there.

Two hours… Three hours… We can see each other.


Yeah soon.

Car drive Chicago alone drive  I haven’t been alone in so long.  I don’t want to be alone.  Don’t close the door when I sleep.  I need to hear you in the other room.  Dark black high school who do I call?  Were do I go.  Drive. 



Can I see you?


No.  I know I can’t just call you but I don’t know who to call were to go.

Drive.  Drive.  Drive streetlights fall Chicago air I am alone and the clubs are closed.  Were do I go?  Who do I call?  Drive. Drive.  Tell the truth.

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