The Space Between

Posted on by Aaron Hughes

The space between

The space between Junction city cluttering the Euphrates river and the Tigris river

A mess between

A mess between old Persian words

Tigra “pointed” and Ufratu “good to cross over”

Pointed and good to cross over is this land that is now in the air kicked up by five ton and a fieldtrip for no reason but to see destruction and river flowing.

The breeze is all I hear

The river is quiet and calm

It moves fast but like a slumbering giant

It is all encompassing

It leaves and comes

Is alive and dead

The future the past

Is always changing renewing

Sunlight touches the river

Touches my face

It all passes so quietly without my knowledge

So many soles

So many lives

So much love

So much hate

So much death


There is a firefight after we cross back over

There are three contractors hung over after we crossed

Fallujah explodes with the shit we’ve just hauled to destroy the pointed and good to cross over land between

To destroy human bodies of the mess between

But i am ignorant to it all and only feel the sun and wind on my face

Hear the wind speak, and the water sleep

Spring in its softest sent watching the river role away with out an idea of what lays within

Euphrates river I look back and know what lays within the pointed and good to cross over land between

Sincere Euphrates River is guilt of pointless blood and death and no humanity

Between fob junction city and the tigris river…

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