Letter to myself in Ten years (2007)

Posted on by Aaron Hughes

Dear Aaron,

I hope that you are at peace right now.  I hope that you have found a space to be.  I’m not sure I should remind you of something that I hope you have not forgotten.  Remember Ahmed and NYC?  That was it, you know, a time of life were for once you felt and understood love…. love and compassion.  I hope you are not frustrated.  I Remembered life and compassion and eternity and death are all sad but beautiful.  I hope you’ve stopped the fucking war.

Damn, what a thought, the war still dragging on for nothing but nothing.  Damn, wars should end and be over and in peace.  But, fuck Aaron it’s only been ten years and I hope you have not forgotten it will take a life time to rebuild Iraq.  If you have not gone back to that dust and gray sands… Go.

Get off your ass.  Drop what ever self righteous thing you believe you are doing and go to Iraq and help.

Help build a house, paint a mural, start an art space.  Get to know and understand Iraq and Iraqis.  Get to know everything the military did not tell you.

Aaron go.

And don’t forget “a bird knows no barbed wire”


Younger you

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